Friday, March 23, 2007

Rolling good

My training this season is going very well. I have over 115 miles on the bike this week alone. I had a solid track workout on Wednesday. Today I did a nice easy 10 mile run, I was going pretty easy and ended up running around 1:12. I am guessing my 5K time right now would be in the high 17 min range. My short term goal for running is to run the Coulee Region Duathlon course in 16:30. I think I am on track to meet that. Biking is hard to tell where I am at. I took out the Slingshot today and I felt I climbed really well considering I had just run 10 miles. Easy run tomorrow morning on the golf course. I am also going to go for an easy bike ride in the afternoon. Overall it will be an easy day. I have a great workout planned for Sunday. Easy 2.5 hours on the bike with EPU early in the morning. Solid recovery all day and then late afternoon I will hit the track again.

Rubber side down


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