Monday, March 05, 2007


Hopefully they will have a milk shake machine at the finish. I would be willing to skip my normal recovery routine for a large Vanilla shake this year.

McDonald's has signed on to be the title sponsor of the 2007 McDonald's ITU Duathlon World Championships, the Metropolitan Richmond Sports Backers has announced. The sponsorship by McDonald's highlights the event's international flavor with more than 500 athletes from more than 25 countries expected to compete.

"Securing McDonald's as the title sponsor is a major step forward for hosting the World Championships and validation of the growth of this sport," said Sports Backers executive director Jon Lugbill. "We are thrilled to have our event associated with one of the most well known brands in the world-- McDonald's."

Events like the Duathlon, support McDonald's overall Balanced, Active Lifestyles program which encourage consumers to pursue a varied diet, make healthy food choices, and exercise regularly. "McDonald's is a company that is a true community partner and is committed to promoting physical fitness, health, and well-being through numerous local initiatives, such as the 2007 McDonald's ITU Duathlon World Championships," said William Washington, McDonald's Owner/Operator and President of the McDonald's of Richmond Cooperative. He added, "We see the athletes competing in the World Championships as role models for a healthy lifestyle and in particular the duathlon because running and biking are so accessible to youth throughout the world."

Duathlon is a biking and running event. Competition in this year's event in Richmond will feature a 15K (9.3 miles) run, followed by an 80K (49.7 miles) bike ride, then another 7.5K (4.66 miles) run. The entire course takes place in downtown Richmond winding through many of the town's historic and picturesque districts. A complete course map can be viewed at the official event web site.

"The Sports Backers' and McDonald's have a common goal of hosting a world-class event that lives up to the standards of the elite athletes that will be participating," said Lugbill. "This event will solidify Richmond as a host city for world-class sporting events."

The new logo for the 2007 McDonald's ITU Duathlon World Championships represents all that will come together to make this event a success. The logo was created by the Richmond based design firm PUNCH and visualizes the combination of running and biking as well as the international nature of the event.

"We wanted to incorporate the two sports with the image of the world but to also highlight the warmth and hospitality our region is famous for providing to our guests," said Charlie Connell, managing partner of PUNCH. National Federations or other organizations wishing to use the logo for promotion of the event may do so with permission from the Sports Backers or International Triathlon Union (ITU).

The Sports Backers' track record of running successful events such as the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K and SunTrust Richmond Marathon led to Richmond winning the bid to host the event. The SunTrust Richmond Marathon was named the friendliest marathon by Runner's World, representing the region's willingness to embrace such events. The Sports Backers were also recently named "Best Sports Commission in America" by the National Association of Sports Commission.

"The Sports Backers have a well-known history of hosting first- class events," said Jeff Dyrek, national events director for USA Triathlon, the governing body for duathlon in this country. "Events like the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K and SunTrust Richmond Marathon are considered among the best organized in the country by the people in our industry. That type of experience was crucial for the International Triathlon Union to award the event to Richmond."

Athletes and spectators alike will be able to enjoy the shopping, sports, history, and culture the Richmond Region offers. The city of Richmond is centrally located in Virginia, providing easy access to many of the Mid-Atlantic region's best attractions. It is 340 miles/547 km south of New York City and a short two hour drive south of Washington, DC. Families can travel an even shorter distance to Virginia Beach, a beautiful seaside resort that offers a relaxed atmosphere, great dining, free entertainment, oceanfront cruises, surfing, and kayaking. The striking Shenandoah Mountain National Park is 130 miles/209km away and Colonial Williamsburg is close by as well. The stunning James River runs along downtown Richmond and the region boasts more than 900 restaurants. All in all, Richmond is a city of eternal appeal and will be a wonderful host city for the 2007 McDonald's ITU Duathlon World Championships.


Anonymous Tha Link Masta said...

I still don't get how McD promotes healthy stuff, yet their food is loaded with least they advise people to be active. That's a plus for them.


4:16 PM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

Good to see one of the most recognized brands in the world put money behind a "dead" sport.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous tha link masta said...

I wouldn't consider it a "dead" sport, but that may be because I've been around it my whole life.


6:52 AM  

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