Monday, April 09, 2007

It's been a while

The lack of blogging lately might lead you to believe that Eduardo was in charge of this blog. Anyway things have been busy, and all of a sudden I am way behind in the things I need to do:

I need to get a sponsorship flier put together for the mountain bike race (should have been done last week).
Need to get a logo designed for said race.
Still have to register for Coulee Region Duathlon (skipping Nashville).
Need to confirm registration for a trade show in Vegas.
Figure out the plan for RAGBRAI and the Midwest Scenic bike tour.
Start planning for Interbike
Plan out specifics for the two Got Energy Triathlon clinics.
Need to order some stealthy black super fast and sexy looking brakes for the Softride
Send out thank you's for all the sponsors of Cedar Valley Adventure.
Look at the possibilities of a 6 event race series with locations spreading the U.S. for '08--doesn't that sound intriguing.
Get some time in the saddle. Running is going well, but the bike has been slacking.
Figure out a way to get the Asics rep to step up and come to Smith's so we can sell running shoes.
Clean out my truck as it is a mess.

The week wasn't a total loss though:
I got the website back up and running.
Ulrich Park 5K was a huge success.
Assembled my Softride TT bike. (pictures to come)
Logged a solid track workout yesterday.
Got my truck back and it still runs great.
I may be getting a 51" high def TV--Come on Steve, you know you want to make a deal.


Blogger Steve! said...

I have been looking at TV's pretty hard...

11:57 AM  

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