Sunday, April 01, 2007

A new week

Last week ended up turning around very well.

I got my truck back and it is in better shape than what it was prior to the accident.
Rode my bike lots.
I had a real solid 15 mile ladder workout and recovered very well from it.
My legs got wrenched on--feels so good.
I got the La Crosse Tribune committed to printing 3 articles for the 12 hour mountain bike race that EPU, Dan, and myself are putting on.

This week I hope to get lots done for the 12hr race, continue training, start registering for this season's races, plan a trip to Vegas, plan the remainder of the women's clinic, plan out the 2 "tri newbie" clinics I commited to for the YMCA, and head down to Iowa for this race and to pick up this


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