Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Catch up

Power-- Just lost power, which means I lost the huge post that I had just written. Thus, this will be short and to the point with no links.

Upside down du--Teamed up with Kerkove for this great event. The course was tough, but lots of fun. We managed to win the event.

Lost-My prescription Rudy Project sunglasses.

Ordered-Two new pair of sunglasses


Rode-With the Wednesday night group. It was fun. I rode fairly well. Pulled through most of the rollers and took my turn as I bumped up the pace to 27-28 on the way back into town.

Wet-Me, my clothes, and my bike during the ride.

Pink-The color of some sunglasses I took off the shelf at the shop. Yep, I am a confident one.


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