Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sufferfest V.5

No pictures as promised tonight :( It was over 90 degrees and I didn't want my camera to get all nasty sweaty in my jersey pocket. Next week perhaps.

Tonight about 15 of us headed to Minnesota. The way out was nice and mellow due to road construction. Once we crossed the border we headed to Brownsville. I wanted to stay in the back and relax, but as usual that did not happen. I stayed in the upper 1/4 of the group and even managed to take a real solid pull on the way to Hokah. I took the pull about 2 miles out from the next stop sign. I usually take a pull and then drop off the back so I can ride hard solo to the group just as they are ready to start riding again. The solo efforts are helping my out huge in regards to pushing myself. Its easier to do that when you are trying to catch up as opposed to going out on a ride by myself.

I stayed with the group up the climb, which was a hot spank of a climb. On the way down the hill, I was very happy with my descent. I typically don't descend well, but today I was able to stay with the front group.

The way back from Brownsville was hard. Rolling at 30 mph, and then hitting the wind as its your turn to pull through. That is a nice kick in the junk. I took numerous pulls on the way back and then did a solid pull causing myself to blow up. Then I played catch up to the next sign just like I did before. On the way back I rode with Bob and chatted with him. Bob is the man.

Going to ride the Wednesday night ride tomorrow. The Wednesday ride is supposed to be more moderate, but neither of the Tom's were there and EPU was MIA tonight so I am sure they will be there tomorrow to push the pace. Can't wait.


Blogger Steve! said...


"software version schemes"

8:01 AM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

So if I put V.1.6.0 (season one, ride six, first explanation) would that be better?

9:12 PM  

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