Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hurt train

Tuesday night and that means go fast group ride. EPU wanted to put the smack down tonight, and I planned on sitting in the back and sucking everyone's wheel. I got in over 3 hours in the saddle yesterday so I figured I would be a bit sluggish. Plus at the start of the ride it was hot and about 100 percent humidity.

We headed out to M. It is a good climb but sucks because it is right out of town so there is little time to warm up. I didn't climb that well. The air was heavy and stagnate up the hill. I ended up 5th up the hill, but should have been up there a bit higher. Bob went by and I hopped on his wheel, but was quickly dropped. Bob is the man

I recovered well after the climb. Despite climbing poorly, the legs felt okay. We went into a roller section and I stayed up toward the front and even pulled a bit. So much for hanging in the back. There was a sprint after the hill, and I though about seeing if I could snag it as a lot of times, this sprint goes forgotten some times. Well, Bob led out and went for it. I hopped on his wheel and no one either cared or just wanted to sit back and watch Bob drop me again.

We had another climb and I was around 5th up it again. I should have gone faster, but took it a bit easier, because I wanted to stay up towards the front for the rest of the ride.

There were a couple of times that Chris went off the front. I was able to stay on his wheel for a while and did better than I have ever done before when it comes to reacting to those accelerations.

Going into Barre Mills, there were 5 of us up front and the pace was quick. I pulled through and a good pace and then Chris went around and took off. We then had to stop as people got dropped off the back. Turns out we turned up the pace before everyone regrouped after the decent.

We had one last short, but steep climb left. For some reason I felt the need to put the hurt down, but the person I hurt the most was me. I sped up and had the pace going faster than I could handle. I blew up right as the hill started. Lesson learned.

The way back me and EPU did the work to catch the lead group. That was enough to finish me off. Once we caught the group, EPU did a solid pull up front. I followed through, and then was not able to hop back on the pace line. I got dropped, but tried hard to catch up. thank fully Bob dropped back and we just spun back into town since the ride was pretty much done.

Going to ride again tomorrow night on the Wednesday night ride. I plan on doing a lot of work tomorrow too. then taking thursday off. It is looking like I may hit 15 hours of riding this week. Since I am not running, I am riding myself into shape and it seems to be paying off. I am really liking this cycling stuff. Kind of weird since I have always relied on my running. Who knows, maybe I will just really step up my cycling and then next year carry that over and then tune the running. Opposite of the plan, but I think it will work.


Blogger BobBlogBob said...

Both you and EPU are riding really well. It's good to see. You should be blazing fast when you hit the race circuit again.
I just time my efforts to make it look like it is easy. I also have an aero ass that cuts through the air like... I don't know what.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

thanks. I have really been enjoying riding with you guys. You have helped out my speed/fitness a ton.

7:33 PM  

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