Monday, July 16, 2007

MFM a TDF Special

1 "I am a fucking idiot" Middle Finger goes to Versus. Please get rid of Al Trautwig.

4 "disorganized-don't work as a team-we suck ass-was only good when Lance was in charge" middle fingers given out to Discovery Team. Levi, Contador, Popo, and George all out front doing.....what were they doing. I must have missed the section of the climbs were they were all working together putting on the Discovery hurt train to the peloton. I also missed the final set up on the final climb where Contador or Popo picked it up with Levi on the wheel. Then having Levi pull ahead and destroy the rest of the lead group to win the stage and take the jersey.

An "all but Kloden and Vino suck ass" GC contendors blow donkeys Middle Finger to the to GC guys. Props to the Astana boys for sticking with it through injuries to stay in the picture. But the real issue here is the big boys had a chance to eliminate Vino and Kloden. Rather than pouncing on the opportunity, they decided to have a disorganized stage and keep GC still wide open. Can't they see those two are recovering and getting stronger again? Way to go Discovery.

1 ginormous middle finger to Lance for retiring. This tour, along with the last tour, shows to me is that Lance was the control freak ass hole I knew he was. Since no one is controlling the peloton it is a cluster fuck.

20 "watching like an idiot middle fingers" to me. No matter what, I will still watch all these dopers every stage of the TDF. Despite my bad attitude towards the tactics the Discovery Team is using/not using, I still love the sport and love the tour. Viva Le Tour!!!


Blogger BobBlogBob said...

You need to record the morning showing where Al is absent.
I like cluster fuck racing. In the past Lance era I would stop watching after the one stage he would put the hurt on because he just crushed everyone to the point where it was over instantly.
Unfortunately you are right about the GC guys this time. The only one that had any balls was good ol' chicken legs. They should be worried about him. Levi sucked eggs. Evans at least went up the road from Vino but still he just couldn't lay down the hurt. As for riders being chivalrous because Vino still recovering... they wouldn't have give Lance a second chance if he was stitched up.

Why would anyone wait in the last kilometers to do anything because the next day is a rest day? I don't get it either.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

Discovery did a much better job today. It was good to see some tactics that play into the bigger picture. Still though it appears the top GC guys are not willing to try and open up a gap on the others

1:34 PM  

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