Sunday, July 01, 2007

Out of commision

Last Tuesday I got out of my chair around mid afternoon and my hip all of a sudden hurt like a som' bytch. It primarily hurt when I walked, but was fine while seated. I went on sufferfest and felt fine. The next day my hip was worse when I was walking. Saturday, I had not done any running the entire week and the only time I walked was in the office at work. I worked at the shop all day Saturday, and by the end of the day I was a hurting unit. I asked Jen her opinion and then had OX check me out also (both are PT's). They determined my piriformis is the issue. So no running for me and lots of stretching after biking. This is just what I wanted as I start to think about getting fast for nationals in a couple of months, and get reading for the Lake Mead AR.

My issue is where the piriformis attaches to the top of the femur.


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