Monday, July 30, 2007

Poker playing

Tonight Tina and I went to the Hustler Casino. We sat at the table next to huge cash game that included Phil Ivey, Ted Forrest, Larry Flint, Chip Reese, and Eli Elezra. They were playing no limit with $4000/$8000 blinds. The buy in was $100,000. When we left for the night, Ted had 20 stacks of 20 or 25 $1000 chips. That 4-500,000 bucks!!

We sat down at our table and right off the bat Tina wins a nice pot with a pair of cowboys. I kept losing pot after pot. I wasn't getting great cards, but enough I should have been able to win with. For the night I ended up $10 in the positive, but I had to work for it. I was down $160 at one time. Luckily, on one hand I was able to get someone to go all in with me for my last $60. I doubled through him. Tina ended up $185 (I think).

Here are my wins/losses so far:
Stratosphere + $21
Mirage + $82
Treasure Island + $166
Wynn - $100
Binions + $179
Mandalay Bay + $58
Luxor - $98
Hustler + $10

If my math is correct, that puts me up $318 so far. That more than covers my plane ticket. Not many times a person gets to go on vacation and make money.


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