Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shuffle up and deal

Tonight Tina and I went to The Bicycle and Commerce Casinos. Both locations were very nice and both of them host WPT tournaments.

The Bike: Nothing really exiting to report. I bought in for $40 and lost it right away to some guy who was chasing a flush. He missed the flush, but caught a King on the river to beat my queens. I re-buyed for $60 and didn't play a whole lot of hands, but managed to lose half of it. By this time the table was playing pretty loose and two the main loose players were behind me. I went all in with pocket 6's. I figure one of them would call with A ?. To my surprise I got two callers. One with 5 5 and the other with A J. Flop comes 6 J something. I had to sweat out a flush draw, but ended up with the best hand and more than tripled up which put me to $110 for the stop and then we left a while later and I cashed out with +$10 for the stop.

Commerce: I have never played better than I did here. I bought in for $40, check raised, called bluffs, bluffed like a champ, and build my stack to $170. Then came pocket Aces. The table was crazy loose and I was in the big blind. There was a raise and a re-raise to $20. I went all in for $170 figuring I would just take down the $33 pot right there. Two people called. One had QQ the other KK. Of course I lost on the river when a King came. I had them covered, but only by $10, so I was pretty much down to the felt. It really sucks to lose a $400 pot, but that is the game.

Still at the top of my game and keeping my cool, I worked my way back up to $80 in just a few hands. Then I had a raise in front of me to $40. I had suited AK so I went all in. I figured if I called $40, I am going to be committed anyway and would have to bet the flop with a solid continuation bet no matter what since I was pretty much pot committed and would have to protect my hand, so I went all in. They called with A Q not suited. Flop missed but had two hearts. Turn and river went runner runner for her to catch a flush. I had her covered and had $40 left.

Again, I shook off the loss and went back to grinding away. My play was good, but was not getting any action. Every hand that I had to show, I always had the best hand pre and post flop. Everyone knew I was a solid player so they didn't want to dance with me. Then there was a raise and re-raise to $10 in front of me. Again I was in the big blind and I had pocket 7's so I went all in. Could have been considered a poor hand to do that with, but I was in position and the two raisers had been only playing with Ace and any other card. I figured at best they had two over cards a bet of $10 could have been representing Jacks or Queens, but I just had that feeling that I was good. They had pocket 5's and pockets 6's. My read was wrong, but again I had all my chips in with the best hand. Flop came something 5 6. I was pretty much dead to two other trips, but did have a chance for a back door straight draw. No luck-busted out.

So I lost my $40 buy in, but I am not upset. My play was super solid, but had loose players who just happened to catch cards at the right time. I hate losing, but since I always had my money in with the best cards, I can't be mad.

Commerce - $40
The Bike + $10
Stratosphere + $21
Mirage + $82
Treasure Island + $166
Wynn - $100
Binions + $179
Mandalay Bay + $58
Luxor - $98
Hustler + $10

Still up $288. Need to turn this around though and win a hundred or so tomorrow.


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