Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Suffer O'Rama

The rides keep getting better every time. The faster and more fit I get, the more it hurts and I love it.

Need to back up a bit. As I rolled out of the shop to meet the crew in the parking lot. I say this tall lanky very familiar looking rider. To my surprise, it was the one and only Lee Vanteicher. I worked with Lee way back in the day at Europa Cycle and Ski. I hadn't seen him since then so it had been about 8 years. Lee is a Cat 1 roadie and he came up to our ride to get a nice spin in. Wish I could say that our rides were easy.

So back to the ride. Bob felt we needed to celebrate Vino's positive test by taking us up three climbs in the super humid hot weather. We got to the first climb and I took is very easy. EPU wanted to put the hurt on at some time and I though that was a good idea, so I slacked on the climbs.

After the decent Bob, Trent, and I were up front pushing the pace. Trent ended up putting the smack down and attacked like a mofo' and I blew up. Off to the back I went and watch Bob be the man and barely was able to hang on the tail end of the back.

I stayed on the end of the pack to the next climb. It was work. Not sure who or what was all going on up front, but it was a fast hard ride. I think 1 or 2 folks dropped of and turned around after we had to stop when someone broke a spoke.

The second climb came and I again slacked and pulled up the rear. We then came up to a little roller section up on to of the bluff. I went up front and talked to Roger and he asked what I was doing up front. I told him "I am going to blow shit up through this section" Shortly thereafter I took off. Hit the first roller and snuck a peak back and no one came through. Hit the second and I was still riding strong and again no one flew by me. Third one came and I made it up to the top alone again. Then just as I started to crest the top, Trent came by and made a crazy fast attack. No one else was behind him, I looked back and saw Ben coming up, so I bridged the gap. Ben then passed me and said "wow, you just owned this road!" I was stoked with that. I looked back and the group was tore apart.

We regrouped and went down the hill. got lots of comments about my pull and that was a good feeling. Pretty non eventful ride to the next climb. I rode back with EPU and Ralph. We talked the whole time. Seems Ralph wants to get one of those new 10lb road bikes. that is crazy

After we regrouped there were 4 nice steep rollers. Liking the rollers I rolled up to the front. Ben was riding strong up the first and then I pulled over the top of it. Jammed up the next two and then Bob came out of no where and destroyed me. Bob is the man, always is able to put the smack down when he wants to.

After the 4th climb we descended down the hill to K. I knew the pain was soon to follow as EPU still had to put the hurt on. EPU rolled up and it was me, bob, gary, ben, dan, and a couple others. the pace was around 26/27mph at first. Dan was pulling long and hard up front and it was crazy. I pulled through and epu follow and he put the hurt on. We fell back in line and then epu pulled through and I followed, however, I was not able to pull through. EPU was a strong som'bitch. then next time through I went around 30-31 which is about all that I have. I didn't even get moved over to the side so EPU could make his move and he catapulted right past me at over 32 mph. From that time on it was truly sufferfest.

After things calmed down and we regrouped a bit, Roger rolled up and looked at EPU and I and just said "You two!! what was all the hurt for " or something like that. Mission accomplished.

I also rode tonight. It was a mellow ride, but I was tired from last night. We rode up double I. I stayed up with Sam. I thought maybe I could catch him off gaurd and made a move to try to beat him to the top, and he countered before I even made my move and crushed me. We rolled up to the back side of O at Barre Mills. Dan led up the hill, I was on his wheel, Sam came around, looked at me, and made me his bitch. He danced on the pedals and I couldn't even come come to his move and he was gone. One of these days I will be him up a climb


Blogger BlogBob said...

Pain hurt bad, pain good. Caveman like pain. Go back into hurt box and cry now.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

speaking of caveman. A local caveman was on the Wednesday ride last night. Cavemen are funny.

4:42 PM  

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