Sunday, July 29, 2007

A travel day WTF

As I approached the ticket counter the nice lady says to me ""That is a nice bike case. You know that is $80 right?". WTF these agents are getting smarter. Back in the day I could say they were golf clubs and be fine. Or just tell them it is a bike and not have to pay. She pretty much blocked that right away.

Earlier in the day I had called my bank as my debit card had not been working--kept coming up declined for transactions on credit or debit side and would not let me do balance inquiries. For some reason my debit card had a credit hold on it. WTF. Anyway they said they had it opened back up. I go to pay for my $80 fee for the bike and it came back declined. WTF. I pay cash, and then call the bank. They tell me it was open, but they had a credit limit of $0 for my debit card. WTF get it right people. Then I go to the ATM to check that they fixed it and I was able to take out $200 so I was happy.

Happily on my way with my cash, I hear on the paging system that my flight was delayed. WTF. A couple ours of later I got on my flight. We left 2 hours behind schedule.

Once in Vegas I go to the shuttle bus folks and by a ticket. I get to the bus with ticket in hand and he says they can't take me because of the bike case WTF. They could have told me that when I bought the ticket.

I make my way to the taxi cab area and there are about 1000 people in line. It takes me three cabs before one will take me. WTF I have never had such issues with my bike.

All is good now. another post to come later in the day to review my poker play


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