Friday, August 31, 2007

25 vs 23

Me: What can I do for you?
Customer: Need to return these tires, they are 25's and I need 23's
Me: I would stick with the 25's. They are faster and more comfortable
Customer: How can that be?
Me:**attempt to explain tire pressure, surface contact, tire flex, and friction***
Customer: But they are heavier
Me: Yes, about 10 grams.
Customer: Well I always ride 23's and don't want to change for my race coming up.
Me:**WTF? you're putting new tires and a new cassette on right before a race**
I go search for a pair of Conti GP4000's in 23 wide
I can't find any, but find some old GP3000's
Customer: Why don't you have any of the 4000's in 23?
Me: Because everyone here rides 25's since they are faster and handle better

Blah blah blah.

I return the two tires, sell the new ones along with an ultegra 12-27 10spd cassette. I just have to mention that the person who was worried about 10 grams for tires skipped the dura ace cassette which is about 40 grams lighter. I will stop myself there and won't rant about how they were riding 700c wheels and should be on 650's which would be both lighter and fit better.

Really need to open up Two Fists and a Boot Bike Shop


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