Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dancing on the pedals

I went out for a 3 hour road ride today. Toby dropped me off in Santa Monica and then I headed down the PCH to hiway 27. Took a right and began the 13 mile 2400 foot acsent. The ride up was good. I kept a solid pace and never used my big cog in the back so I was spinning really well. Once I got up to the top I turned around and flew down the hill. I got down to where the Fernwood climb section started and then turned around and did the climb again. I went up faster the second time than I did the first time and I was a tired som' bitch when I got to the top. Turned back around and did the entire descent. Then I time trialed up the PCH to the bike trail and meandered back to the house. Total road time was 2:59:04. Over 21 miles of climbing and 7500 feet of elevation change.

Then later in the afternoon we went out on a mountain bike ride. Went up Sullivan's canyon and then up to the NIKE tower. The ride didn't have as much climbing as it only got up to 1900 feet, but it was still a solid ride. We ended up riding 2 hours.

That makes 5 hours of saddle time for me today and a lot of climbing. Should get about 4 hours tomorrow also on the bike. good times.


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