Monday, August 27, 2007

Eff your friends

Recently got an opportunity to talk to a soon to be triathlon participant. I always like these times as it lets me share some of the knowledge I have learned through the years. He asks me about how to have a good transition. Transitions are my strength so I was all about geeking out about it with him.

Of course the first question was "shoes on pedals or put them on during transition?" I tell him put them on during transition. Then comes the "Well, my friends told me to always put them on my bike ahead of time." Thinking to myself "Eff your friends, they are wrong." I opt with "Well, whatever your friends have told you, forget it." We then had a good conversation for about 30 minutes. We talked about each segment, nutrition, recovery, and general training topics.

He ended up saying "Everything my friends said made sense, but everything you said makes more sense." I laughed and told him to get different friends. He laughed and went on his way.


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