Thursday, August 02, 2007

Go big or go home

To follow up with my 3 hour ride with a 1200 ft climb yesterday, today I headed to the Santa Monica mountains. It was exactly a three hour loop door to door. A big chunk of the ride was going through town and riding along the Pacific Coast Hiway, which was good because there were some nice steep little 80 foot climbs and it was a fast ride along the PCH since Toby decided to try and put the hurt down in his 53-11.

The climb was amazing. Total climb length was 11 miles. Elevation was from just above above sea level to 2425. The last 8 miles were where the real elevation gain was and it was fanfuckingtastic. It was twisty/turning and in your face. What as really cool was when you look down the side of the mountain to see the clouds below you as you continue to climb up the hill. This was the climb that Lance Armstrong used to ride on when he was in town while dating.

I did some checking and the first part of the climb is 5.7 % grade and gets to 8.8% that section was not long enough to have a rating but it did have 700 feet of climbing. The middle section is classified as a Cat 1 climb. Right off the bat it starts off at 10% grade and gets to 12% max. Total distance is 5.2 miles and 1580ft of climbing with average grade of 6.5. The last section I could not find any info on it. I figure if you add the starting climb and the last little steep section at the end, that was a beyond category climb.

Either Friday or on the weekend I plan on heading back up the mountains again. They have 6 beyond category climbs and I plan on doing one of them or I want to do a loop with 2 cat 1 climbs.


Blogger socalarguy said...

Truth be told, the much younger CJ dropped me like a bad transmission on what used to be one of my favorite training rides. Yesterday marked my first real road ride since finishing RAAM a few years back. The last time I rode this route I was 20 lbs. lighter and much more fit...I did forget how much pain I felt back then when I suggested this ride.

I hadn't ridden with CJ in more than a decade. If he continues to train like he has been, he could actually be a scary person on the bike. Y'all in Wisco have been witness to his progress in the past few months. Good on ya my friend!

Am taking him out on a multiple climb loop tomarrow. The goal is to get him around 7k of elevation gain in 60 miles or so.

Me, I am planning on getting my revenge for getting dropped by taking him off-road over the weekend! Lets see how he handles the combo of dirt, heat and getting droped by a llama!

Out from the west!

8:09 PM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

Thank you for the props. Today will be a different story. Dirt is not always my friend. Lots of cursing today I think as we climb up the mountain

10:36 AM  

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