Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shuffle 'em up some more

Played a little poker again tonight. First casino we went at was full of a bunch of locals and it was pick on the outsider night. Every time I was in the big blind I was raised. Every raise I was reraised. So I struggled and ended up $10 down.

Next we went back to the Hustler. I bought in for $60 and cashed out for $130. The table was very erratic. There were a couple young guys there who chased and ended up rivering almost everyone. The one kid took a huge pot off me. I flopped a straight and he had nothing, but caught runner runner for a flush. I then got a little of the money back a couple of hands later when I had pocket KK and he raised to me with AJ and I flopped a set. I then let him steal a couple of pots from me. I was setting him up hard to push him all in later. I was in the big blind and had 7 8 suited. Flop comes 8 J 8 two hearts. I check my set and he raises to 10. I call. Flop misses me and does nothing for him. I check and he bets 15, and I call. river comes 7 hearts. I figure he has the flush and I made my boat. I bet 20 which is a nice continuation bet, is less than half the pot, and he only had 40 left. I thought he would easily have to push all in because he made his flush, he will want to get as much from me as he can and there is no way he puts me on a flush nor would he put me on 7 8. He only calls. WTF I thought for sure he made his flush. He turns it over and he has the nut flush with A Q hearts. I take down the pot, but should have taken all his money. I asked him why he didn't go all in and he tells me he thought I had a flush too. WTF???

Going on the group ride up the mountains tomorrow so that will be fun. Then later in the afternoon Toby and I are going to take out the mountain bike up the mountain again. Should get over 3 hours of riding in.


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