Monday, August 06, 2007

Still going

I went for a 3 hour ride yesterday down Palos Verdes drive. The first hour is flat followed by really steep, but short climb, then it is constant rollers for about 20 miles along the ocean. I was cruising easy until two guys guys riding together passed me and gave me a weird look. I hopped on their wheel and then they really picked up the pace going down the hill. We were flying super fast. Then we came onto a really good sized roller and I decided to test my (thier) fitness and strength. I kept it in the big cookie and flew up it. I looked back and they were dropped. On the way back when I passed them in the other lane they said "nice climbing" and waved at me. I thanked them and kept hammering away at the rollers. I was glad to see the flat part of the route again.

Now I am just getting ready to leave for todays ride. Will take about an hour to get through the city, hop on the PCH, and get to the climb. Then I will head up the mountain to Sylvester Stalone's house. Total ride time should be about 3 at the most.

Legs are starting to get tired. Over 350 miles on the road in the last week. It will be actually good to go back to work and take a day off to fully recover from all the riding. Can't wait to see the results of all the training.

Rubber side down


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