Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stomp on 'em

Went out and rode on a group ride today. I felt like poo. Yesterday I decided to swing the racket a bit and place some tennis. Well, I ate shyt pretty hard and skinned up both knees, right elbow and hip so I was sore.

I stayed towards the back on the way out to feel things out. The first climb was Chipmunk. I attacked as we approached and no one responded so I waited for the group. At the hill, I hoped on Joe's wheel and then went around and never looked back. Tom came up real strong towards the top and looked in real good form. We then headed to N, which is my favorite road. Joe and I kept the pace brisk up to it. On N I opened it up a bit and let though the first part. Then we turned onto another road that I don't know what it is and continued to push the pace. Up the last big roller I was going up around 24 or so. Joe came around me like I was standing still. I stood up and stomped on the pedals, and was able to hop on and then pull around him. Joe couldn't believe it and even commented on the move.

That was the first time I really tested the R3 in regards to chasing down an attack. I can't put into words how impressed I was at the bike.

From there, Joe and I kept the pace high, with Tom, Curt, and Tom giving us a break from time to time. Then we came upon an accident, sadly there was a fatality.

We then made our way to FO. I started way behind and pulled a couple guys up to the lead group. Joe was setting a killer pace and it about fried me to catch up to them. I caught them and pulled right around. After giving Joe a break he then broke me. I was good up to the part where it boosts up to 14%.

Today's ride was the best ride since my vacation. Since I took a week off after vacay, then took about a week off because of all the rain, I was ready to have a good hard ride. Going to play some tennis tomorrow and then Tuesday night sufferfest the next night.


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