Saturday, August 11, 2007


Riding: On the down low for a bit. I definitely rode way too much out in LA. Little bit of overuse issue with my knee. Been icing it and its getting better fast. Will do some easy spinning from now until Tuesday, and then it's so on for Sufferfest. Going to bring the hurt train.

The bike:
Rode on Tuesday and it went well. It really gets up and goes when you stomp on the pedals. Changed out the bars and stem, so I am anxious to test the fit out tomorrow.

Recovery: Been sleeping a lot since I got back, was tired.

New Addiction: Cakesters

Clothing line: HM Gear is coming along. Many prototypes have been received. Revisions have been submitted. Interbike booth is looking real!!

HM Gear: Will post proto pics here soon.


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