Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vacay update

Tina and I went to the casino tonight again--big surprise there huh. Anyway, tonights action happened at Hollywood Park. Lots of hand I could talk about but I will just sum it up with saying it was the best time I have ever had at a casino. It was a blast and I came out dead even. $100 to the table $100 in my pocket when I left.

When for a 2h 50m ride today. At about mile 25 I started a nice climb from sea level to about 1200ft. I rode really well today. Out 1:40 and back in 1:10. I rode super hard on the way back. Lovin' the riding out here. Yesterday I did some intervals and the day before that was a 2+ hour ride. Tomorrow I head to the mountains. Not sure how long of a ride, but Toby has numerous tough climbs picked out.

We have gone over the prototypes for the clothing line. A lot of really good and a lot of bad. We have sent in for some revisions to get rid of the bad and and we will have a super solid line ready for Interbike.

EPU called and said he represented well on the Tuesday night group ride. Nice work EPU. I will be there next week.


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