Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Interbike Day 1

Woke up around 3:00 today to start Interbike 07. Dirty and Jen picked me up around 4:00 and we headed to the airport. The flight from MSP left 30 minutes late so that kind of sucked, but other than that it all was good.

When we checked into the hotel this is what we had:

I called the front desk and explained that housekeeping had not cleaned the room yet. They said to come down and they would give me keys for another room. The new room is a lot bigger and was clean so all is good and I am happy.

Now a run down of the show so far:

1. Ate lunch with Ritchey Bob.
2. Checked out new products from Rudy Project
3. Got the run down on wet suits from Profile (nothing special--wasn't impressed)
4. Ritchey and Syncros have some cool stuff out.
5. Spent a lot of time talking to Skins. I got a pair of these for free.
6. GU has a Chocolate Mint flavor coming out
7. Durace crank has gone carbon and looks sexy
8. Was introduced to Knog
9. Checked out a $17,000 time trail bike from BMC
10. Ritchey has a mountain version of thier break away

There are lots more, but I am tired. Will post some pics in the morning.


Blogger BobBlogBob said...

What no girls?

4:59 PM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

oh yes lots of girls. Sram girls, Look girls, Azonic girls, Marzoki girls, all of the china manufactures girls, and there were lots of random hotties too. However, there are none in the pool area for our hotel. Too bad, as we have a fantastic view

5:23 PM  

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