Friday, September 21, 2007

Urban Adventure

After a multi-year hiatus and many calls by racers for its return, Urban Adventure Racing, LLC (UAR) is excited to officially announce the 2008 Wild Onion Urban Adventure Race to be held in the city of Chengdu, China as the WO-Game!

As producers of the original urban adventure race, UAR has been diligently working for several years with its television partner—Intersport Inc, and our Chinese partners—WO-Game Sports Marketing Inc. to take the event to yet a higher level. With this as our vision, the result is the first ever Urban Adventure Racing World Championships taking place on April 19, 2008 in the thriving metropolis of Chengdu!

“The elements necessary for a World Championship race include a world-class city, world-class athletes, network television coverage (NBC Sports) and a race course and prize purse to both severely challenge, yet handsomely reward the teams courageous enough to compete,” notes race organizer Will Burkhart.

The course will be at least 120-miles long and include paddling, cycling, running, stair climbing, in-line skating, scootering, navigation /orienteering and rope elements. To ensure that racers don’t go home empty handed, the prize purse will be at least $50,000 cash and additional awards. The format will be unsupported co-ed teams of three athletes.


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