Saturday, September 29, 2007


I just put up an observation from Interbike on HM Gear. Since HM Gear is not about to start sending out endorsements for other companies at this time. Monkeytron sure will.

I use Elete during every ride I go on. I swear by their product and recommend it to everyone. I talked to Motor Tabs and ZYM who both are competitors of Elete. I flat out told both of them that I use Elete personally and sell it at our shop. Neither of them attempted to tell me why I should stop using Elete and use their product. You can tell me all day that your product does this or that, but if you don't tell me why its better than what I am using, I am not buying.

The only company that asked me who I was currently selling at the shop and then explained why their product was better was Spinning.


Blogger Joe said...

I tried a great new product at a race in south florida called lyte'n go. Its a chewable tablet that is sugar free and helps to replace several lost electrolytes and really helped with my cramps.

Its sort of like a sweet tart...and does not require any water.....just pop it in my mouth and chew it up.

Great flavor and no cramps!!!!

I later found them a google search for lyte'n go.

7:15 AM  

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