Sunday, September 09, 2007


The 10x100 went super good. I rode very well, and felt strong the entire time. No bonking, was up towards the front on the climbs, and even managed to set the pace up front every once in a while. Total ride was about 116 miles with estimated 13,000 feet of climbing. I joked a bit about going for a run afterwards, but instead I just put my recovery plan into motion. Today I felt super good. Legs felt like they do after any hard ride. No IT band issue, knees feel good, no soreness, just a skosh tired.

Today, I opted not to go to Madison to watch the Ironman race. Instead I spent some quality time cleaning R3. It was dirty going into the ride, and was filthy coming out of it. The bike is clean, but not all together. I lost the bolt that hold the lower der. pulley. I looked all over for it, and it is gone. One of shop knomes must have taken it from me. At least my underpants are safe now.

Out of frustration I said Eff it and went home, ate a pizza, took a three hour nap, and then ate a huge malted milk shake. While eating the shake I thought to myself WWED (what would Epu Do?)

EPU would say to me "Juels you serious about this or what?" I decided that I was not being serious and need to be. So I did what anyone having that conversation with themselves would do. I signed up for the world's most grueling Ironman distance triathlon. That means I have 62 days to get into tri form. That should be plenty of time to drop 10 lbs, start running (I have run once since June 23), and start swimming (been since last years Silverman)


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