Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mental Drain

Last year I completed the Silverman Triathlon which is known to be the toughest most grueling triathlon in North America, if not the world. This year they dumbed it down a bit and added a half ironman distance. I looked at the times and there were a lot of people rolling in at 7-8 hours or more. Checking in on the pro results. Macca had what looks like his slowest half ironman of his professional career.

Last night, and also on Friday night. I went on a night mountain bike ride with EPU and Jason. I can honestly say that trying to go fast in the dark on the trails at HPT was a lot harder and more of a drain than Silverman was. I thought I would never say something like that, but I have a new found respect for mountain biking. Now if I can just not suck so bad, it could be fun and a spank.

Rubber side down


Blogger h2o Racer said...

The mental drain of the night is an affect of the leafs leaves, whatever they are covering the trails and making you think that you are just randomly riding through the Woods of HPT at night. Oh they are slippery like wax paper also...

HPT rules at night, now we need the leaves, Leafs gone and the temps to stay in the 50's for the rest of winter.

9:35 AM  

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