Sunday, January 27, 2008

Following Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza has watched it's market share shrink over the last years. The Noid was a flop and clearly was the wrong direction for them to go. At it's roots Domino's Pizza is not known for great pizza, it's not even really good pizza. If you have been watching any amount of TV lately, will you have noticed that Domnino's is telling it's customers what they do offer. What they offer is hot pizza in 30 minutes. They are getting back to the foundation of what revolutionized the pizza industry. They may not be making the "30 minutes or free" guarantee, but they are asking "Do you have 30 minutes?"

How does this relate to Happy? We have experienced a few setbacks from taking the wrong direction. This has forced us to get back to our roots. A mutltisport team has been formed. The area's top triathletes, road cyclists, mountain bikers, and runner's are joining together to post impressive race results while promoting our sports and helping others along the way. Our first one of a kind event is scheduled for March 1 (details to come). Our many plans to help local charities, cycling advocacy, and our environment are taking form.

While we may not have gone to market with a full clothing line yet like we wanted to, you will see Happy and HM Gear throughout the country by July 1. The sale of those items will be fueled by what we do best--helping others and helping our sports.

Be Active Be Happy


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