Monday, February 25, 2008


Someone grilled me the other day about gambling. I started to explain that poker is not gambling. It is a game played against other players and there is no house advantage at the poker table. Then they comment that "the house never looses, they are making money off of you even in the poker room." I respond with "So I shouldn't play at a casino because no matter what, the house is making money off of me?" They responded with the predictable answer of "Yes" I then ask"Do you have insurance? House, health, life, auto?" Naturally they answered yes. Then STFU. Insurance companies have the biggest house advantage. They never pay out more than they take in--ever.


Blogger Aaron said...

f***ing A right!! Poker is waaaaay less of a gamble than insurance, which as you correctly point out isn't a gamble, but a guaranteed loser.

11:26 PM  

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