Friday, February 15, 2008

Raise your hand

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I was not a model student in grade school. Looking back now I realize that I was not very well behaved. Aside from the usual making fun of other kids and throwing rocks at the girls, I typically talked out of turn. When I was talking, I wasn't talking to the people who mattered rather I was just chatting with my friends.

There was a girl who sat next to me all through grade school and most of middle school. She was a nice girl and had special powers over the teachers. She always got her questions answered and most times got anything she wanted. She had this crazy concept that at the time I just could not grasp....she raised her hand. If she wanted to know why little Johnny got a gold star on his paper while she got a blue one, she would raise her hand and end up with a gold star. If she wanted to switch to chocolate milk after she already signed up for white milk for milk break, she would raise her hand, politely ask, and she would receive what she wanted.

We all talk about the state of cycling in our communities. We complain to our friends and family that not enough people ride their bikes, we complain that there are not enough bike lanes, and we complain that our employers do not have showers and lockers for those of us who want to ride to work.

So what do we need to do? Do what you can to help good organizations such as:
However, the first thing we need to do is raise our hands. Go to local governmental meetings and raise your hand. Go to your company's management meetings and raise your hand. They will call on you and give you a chance to discuss your concerns and wants. Once the dialog is started, the above organizations can help you accomplish want we all Be Active Be Happy.


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