Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RIP Forums

A year ago, I launched happymutantmultisport.com. Initially it went very well. It got lots of use from people all over the country, had tons of hits, and more importantly help out people by answering training questions they had and promoted local events. However, it gradually got flooded and bogged down by spam. Specifically spammers from Russia--damn commie bastards. Anyway, time to file that little project on the back shelf and try again.

Enter BeActiveBeHappy. This site is being designed specifically for the La Crosse area. It's goal is the be "La Crosse’s stop for all things active" It is not meant to compete with other clubs and organizations, as this is neither. Our goal is to grow the pie, get more people active and get them in touch with the many great clubs and events that are already in place throughout the La Crosse area.

More details to come.


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