Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stump speech

I stand for change! A change in leadership! A change in policy! A change in the way things are done! But above all I need change. I need any change I can get, especially the change in your pocket.

The number of decisions you have to make needs to change. You can't make them on your own, you need me to do it for you, but I need your change to do it. There are people out there who have too much change, and I don't think they should have it. I need that change for the good of the people.

The nation's largest corporations are making a profit, and you are left with only the change in your pocket to pay for food, heat, and shelter. If you give me a chance, and your change, I will make change.

You know, others have talked about change for the last thirty years and have failed to do it. I have no experience in bringing in change, but if you give me yours, a change will occur.


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