Saturday, April 05, 2008

Civil disobedience

Way to go kids:

WESTBY, Wis. — In an effort to take a stand against what some students believe is poor quality food in the Westby Area School District, students at the middle school began boycotting the lunch program this week.

Students in seventh and eighth grade brought their own lunches to school instead of ordering off the district’s lunch menu, leaving large quantities of prepared food that had to be thrown away.
By Friday, only one student in seventh and eighth grade and 35 students in fifth and sixth grade purchased their lunch from the school. Before the boycott, the middle school houses, which has 220 students, typically served 160 meals each day at cost of about $2 per student.

Westby Middle School Principal Clarice Nestingen said Friday was the end of the third quarter and was not a good day to judge lunch numbers because many students eat at home because of early dismissal.

School administrators say they’re looking for a solution that would satisfy students while still falling within food service program regulations.

District Administrator Michael Murphy said students, staff and parents need an education on how the food service program must adhere to strict government guidelines, especially in a school district such as Westby, which relies heavily on government subsidies to survive.


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