Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday news

Or perhaps lack there of.

Training: Pretty much not happening. Its been raining for the last couple of days. Before that temps were in the 50's, and I can't seem to train when mother nature rolls like that. Once it stops raining and the temps get down to the 40's I will be set.

Hip: Another reason why my training is lacking is my hip/ass. It pretty much hurts after standing/walking around for any length of time. Going to have J check it out sometime in depth. So, I will not be partaking in Silverman. Not going risk further injury, and will just continue to ride until it I figure out what the deal is.

Team Happy Mutant: The team is oficialy forming. A group of 5 mutants got together last week. Jerseys are being designed and roster is forming.

HM Gear: The clothing line is coming along good. I met with Ritchey Bob last night and he gave me some great input. You can always check out some news here on the clothing.

Silverman: Decided not to do it. Sucks that I am out the $$, but it is the right thing to not do. Plus, I have come to my senses reverted back to my F*ck Ironman mindset again.

LA: Going to make another trip out to LA some weekend in November. Need to swim with the dolphins and meet with OG Mutant to work on HM Gear.

Zombies: Learn how to kill them here


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