Saturday, January 19, 2008

A look in the quiver

As I look up against the West wall of my living room the usual suspects are there. My cycle cross, fixed gear, and mountain bikes all rest comfortable on their bike tree. The 650c Slingshot road bike anxiously awaits early season training rides. My Softride which is now painted in the Happy Mutant colors and is equipped with full Dura Ace and Hed wheels eagerly awaits to throw down at some multisport events. Last year I added the R3, which proved to be a great addition.

There is also a BMX bike on the porch, a touring bike lying against the couch, a couple of super old cruisers in the shed, and my old tri bike which I don't ride anymore. This spring I plan on doing a little cleaning and will be bidding farewell to those 5 bikes.

Since the stable will be missing 5 bikes, it is only logical to start restocking. Well, I have one of these sexy machines coming my way.

That is right sports fans, I will be rockin' a Trek Madone 5.5 Pro. OCLV Black Carbon, SRAM Force, Race Lite wheels, and other fast goodies to stomp all over EPU with on the group rides. Many thanks to Trek Bikes and Smith's Cycling and Fitness for hooking me up with this bike FOC.


Blogger The Jackal said...

FOC!?!?!?!!? You lucky dog. You my friend, are the man.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

FOC is correct. It will be a while since they are not scheduled to be available until March 1. The best thing about it is that I give the bike back in October. May not sound like a good deal, but then come the next March, I will have another new rig. Every year I will be rockin' a new Madone.

A good chunk of the La Crosse contingent of Team Happy Mutant Multisport will be riding brand new Trek Bikes next year. EPU is getting a Madone, Claymation an Equinox 7. Jason 69er. Tostin 69er.

Just wait until you see the jersey. Thanks again to Trek and Smith's

9:00 PM  
Blogger BobBlogBob said...

Did you say Tost is riding a half breed? WOW!

10:17 PM  
Blogger Happy Mutant said...

yep, he is swinging both ways

6:32 AM  

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